I offer guided river SUP trips in exotic destinations worldwide. Whether you are a beginner taking your first paddle strokes on the river or an experienced SUPer, I have an adventure that will suit your level of excitement!

Main Salmon, ID

2021 dates coming soon!!!

Join us for this 6-day raft supported SUP adventure on the Main Salmon River, Idaho across one of the most pristine wilderness areas in the country. Once again we are partnering with Middle Fork River Expeditions to offer this incredible paddling experience. Whether you are a beginner or expert paddler you are going to love this trip! Deep water rapids make the Salmon river ideal for SUPing. Daily river SUP instruction and guiding is provided by ACA certified instructors while all our camping gear is brought down the river on rafts. At any point you wish to take a rest, or if we are coming up to a section above your level of ability you will have the opportunity to ride on one of the rafts. You get to customize your own level of excitement!

Non-paddling family members or significant others are also welcome and can join the trip at the standard rafting price ($1,899). All the gear is included. MFRE provides raft support, food/water, all camping gear, PFDs and helmets. We provide all the SUP equipment. Use of personal SUP gear is subject to pre-approval to ensure it’s appropriate for the river. Detailed Itinerary and Logistics

*Price includes daily SUP instructions provided by ACA certified instructors.

6 days, 5 nights; Price: $2,199*

I would like to provide you with important information with regard to how Middle Fork River Expeditions (MFRE) is responding to the Covid-19 pandemic and what kind of adjustments we are making to our trips to respond to it.  In spite of our best efforts, we cannot give a 100% guarantee that you will not be affected by Covid-19 during our trips.  You will need to decide for yourself if you are willing to accept this risk.

Let’s start with some good news. Studies have shown that the probability of contracting the Covid-19 virus outdoors is only (.03%). Given that we will be spending all of our time during the trip (except for the bus or plane ride) in the outdoors it seems that the chances of contracting the virus during the river trip are already very low. (See article here)

The following are the adjustments we have made to our protocols that primarily address the risk of infection through sanitation and social distancing measures.

Pre-Trip Self-Screening

We reserve the right to decline service to any guest and remove any guide from a trip under the following circumstances:

  • If a guest or staff member has or will be traveling through an area identified by the CDC as warning Level 3 in the 14 days prior to a scheduled trip.
  • If a guest or guide has been in close contact with a person known to have COVID-19 within the 14 days prior to a scheduled trip.
  • If a guest or staff member develops flu-like symptoms (a fever, cough, and shortness of breath or loss of taste and smell or any other symptoms associated with Covid -19) during the 14 days prior to a scheduled trip.

Of course, most of these measures require self-identification and we appreciate your total honesty and cooperation. If any of the above pertain to you please contact us immediately.

Precautions we ask you to take

We would like to ask you to help us achieve our goal to keep everyone healthy by participating in the following ways:

  • Please take extra precautions 2 weeks prior to your trip to ensure you are healthy when you arrive
  • Please follow the CDC guidelines during your travel to Idaho
  • Please wear a mask when in public and remember not to touch your face
  • Please wash your hands frequently and use a hand sanitizer when hand washing is not possible

We also suggest that you speak with your healthcare provider to ask for recommendations regarding any possible supplements/medications they may suggest.

Trip Preparation


All guides will undergo a health screening prior to each trip, should anyone exhibited flu-like symptoms on the day of departure or any time during the 14 days leading up to the trip they will be removed from the schedule and tested for Covid-19 before returning to work.


  • All MFRE Vehicles will be cleaned and sanitized before and after each trip.
  • As always, all MFRE gear (sleeping bags, pillows, & splash gear) will be laundered before each trip.
  • All additional items such as lifejackets, dry bags, coolers, helmets, etc will be cleaned and sanitized with the use of our newly purchased Hot Pressure Washer and a bleach solution.
  • All Tents will be left out of rotation for 8 days before they will be are used again.

The bus and aircraft companies have informed me that they too will be sanitizing their fleet before every flight or drive.  We have also confirmed that the Mountain Village will be sanitizing rooms in Stanley (Middle Fork) and the Stagecoach Inn in Salmon (Main Salmon) between each use.

On the bus:

  • All guests will be required to wear a mask on the bus to the put–in point (2 hour drive) and from the take-out point (2-4 hours drive).
  • Families/couples or groups traveling together will be seated together on the bus and in such a manner that optimizes social distancing from other trip members.

During the Trip


  • All chairs, dry bags, sleeping pads will be sanitized before and after each use.

Kitchen and food preparation:

  • All kitchen surfaces will be sanitized with Vital Oxide (which is an EPA approved disinfectant/sanitizer for Covid-19). This product is odorless and non-toxic.
  • Guides will be wearing masks or face coverings and gloves during all food prep as well as food service.
  • As always, dishes will be sanitized with a bleach solution during the dish washing process.

Hand washing:

  • As usual we will provide two conveniently located hand washing stations at every camp and we will encourage hand washing throughout the day.
  • As always hand washing will be required before and after every meal, as well as after use of our toilet system.
  • Hand washing will also be done before getting on or getting off the oar rafts at camp and lunch.
  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available during the day and at meal times.


  • Appetizers will be served in bowls or plates.
  • All meals will be served by a guide. Self service will not be permitted.
  • Beverages from the beverage cooler such as Beer, Spindrift, Lacroix etc. will be distributed by a guide at camp.
  • Drinking water will be available for self service using a foot pump system.

Sleep Kit:

  • Guests will be issued a freshly washed sleeping bag & pillow.
  • Guests will be issued a tent for their sole use during the trip and will be asked to pack it into their freshly sanitized sleep kit dry bag along with the sleeping bag and pillow.

Social distancing:

The existence of Covid-19 requires that we follow social distancing measures to the best of our ability. There will be times when social distancing is not possible for a short time on the river.  For instance, when a guide needs to push his raft from the bank and they will wear a face-covering during these times.

In order to comply with social distancing we will not be bringing paddle rafts on the river this year as it would be difficult to practice social distancing on them. Instead  we will bring more oar rafts and inflatable kayaks.

  • Household units will ride in the same oar raft with the same guide for the entire trip unless, of course, they are taking a turn using one of the inflatable kayaks.  There also might be one household unit in the bow and one in the stern of the oar raft.

Face coverings and masks:

Masks or face coverings like a bandana can be worn at their own discretion by any MFRE guest while at camp.  On the rafts or inflatable kayaks we do not recommend using a mask as it would become a hazard.  We do recommend a bandana or “ uff” around your neck at all times.  It is easy to grab and pull up over your nose and mouth.  An even better option is a Buff (www.buffusa.com) which does not slide as easily off your face.

Covid-19 Code of Conduct:

All guests and guides’ will respect other guests and guides position on their own personal sensitivities around Covid-19.  If there is any behavior by a guest or guide that is blatantly aggressive or dangerous relative to Covid-19 or any other reason, they will be removed from the trip.  We must all agree to respect other peoples’ needs and comfort levels.

At Camp:  Camp chairs will be separated by 6 feet but households can sit together in groups/clusters.

Dress up night:

This year we will not have a costume bag for the dress up party night 4 of your river trip.  We invite guests to please come prepared with an outfit for dress up night or a variety of outfits for your household group.

In case someone exhibits flu like symptoms during the trip.

  • If a guide or guest develops flu-like symptoms during a MFRE trip, per CDC guidelines, we will socially distance the individual(s) from the rest of the group and encourage them to wear a surgical mask to help prevent the spread of their illness.
  • MFRE carries an InReach Satellite texting device in case communication to the outside world becomes absolutely necessary.  If evacuation is needed, the Middle Fork would primarily occur by an airplane and by Jet Boat on the Main Salmon.  As always, in the event of a life-threatening situation evacuation by helicopter is possible.

In spite of all of our efforts, we cannot give a 100% guarantee that you will not be effected by Covid-19 during our trips.  You will need to decide for yourself if you are willing to accept this additional risk. If you are an older individual or if you have a chronic medical condition such as heart disease, lung disease, or diabetes, you may wish to consider re-scheduling for next summer without penalty.

New Cancellation Policy

In response to Covid-19 we have modified our cancelation/transfer policies to provide for some additional flexibility. We have waived the $150 Processing fee.  We now offer guests a full $500/person refund of deposit or you can transfer your deposit from this year’s trip to a future trip in 2021 or 2022 as long as you do so by June 1st, 2020.

New MFRE Waiver

In response to our current situation we had to make changes to our waiver to include “exposure to airborne pathogens and viruses, including but not limited to contraction of COVID-19”. Please have each person in your group sign the waiver and return them along with your final payment.

Final Payment Due June 1st

Final payment is due by June 1st  and is non-refundable unless MFRE needs to cancel the trip.  Please send your final payment along with the waiver to MFRE, P.O. Box 17, Fairfax, CA 94978.   If you would like to cancel, please let us know ASAP.

Trip Cancellation by MFRE

In the event that MFRE needs to cancel a trip for any reason you will receive a FULL refund of the payment made to MFRE unless you would like to apply it to a future trip, which we encourage. Please note that MFRE is not responsible for any other costs you may incur due to the cancellation of our trip e.g. airfares, hotel or shuttle reservations etc.

Costa Rica SUP Adventure

Winter 2020-2021 dates coming soon!!!

I partner with Amazing Vacations Costa Rica to offer week-long river and wildlife SUP adventures in Costa Rica. We will SUP on various bodies of water in one of the most densely biodiverse regions in the world. This trip is suitable for SUPers of all levels of ability. Kayakers and non-paddling family members are also welcomed!

Mexico SUP Adventure

We are going back Spring 2021!!!

Join me and Sierra Rios for a raft supported 7 day SUP adventure on the “Sacred Monkey River of the Maya”, El Rio Usumacinta, and 1 day paddling excursions at the breathtaking Agua Azul. You will also have the opportunity to visit several Mayan archeological sites at Bonampak, Yaxchilán, Piedras Negras, and Palenque. This trip is suitable for SUPers of all levels of ability. Kayakers and non-paddling family members are also welcomed!


August/September 2019 Recap

Combo Salza River, Austria & Soča River, Slovenia

Video by Paul Clark

July 2018 Recap

Soča River, Slovenia

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Reno River Festival

2nd weekend May – Reno, NV

SUP Events:  Slalom,  Surf,  SUP Cross

Clackamas River Festival

3rd weekend in May – near Estacada, OR

SUP Events:  Endurance Race,  SUP Cross

Moke Races

September/October – near Jackson, CA

SUP Events:  Downriver Race,  Slalom

GoPro Mountain Games

1st weekend in June – Vail, CO

SUP Events:  Downriver Race,  SUP Cross


3rd weekend in June – Salida, CO

SUP Events:  10-mile Race,  Surf,  SUP Cross